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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the commitment like?

A: School Helpers tutoring sessions require no long term commitment. Students are welcome to sign up for one or multiple tutoring sessions.

Q: Do any of our services cost anything? 

A: No, all of our services are free as everything is run by our student volunteers. 

Q: Can I receive tutoring multiple times a week?

A: Yes, it is possible, however, it depends on subject popularity, session duration, and tutor availability.  

Q: How are our tutors qualified? 

A: All tutors have to go through an application process and those who we are not familiar with must be interviewed. Our tutors also have to be proficient in the subjects that they are tutoring. 

Q: Can I still be tutored if I am not in Grades 3-9? 

A: Yes, we are able to tutor students who are younger or older depending on the need. 


Q: Where are School Helpers' tutoring services being offered to?

A: Online tutoring services are primarily being offered to students in Canada. We are also open to tutoring students outside these regions depending on tutor availability and subjects. 


Q: How does it work?

A: It’s really simple. The parent or student fills out a registration form and will then be paired up with a tutor. From there, it is up to the student or parent to set up meetings with their tutor.


Q: What platforms do we use?

A: We can use Google Meets, Zoom, or any other potential platforms that are best suited for the student and parent. 

Please reach out to or use the chat function if you have any other questions!

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